Past Issues

Mike Plunkett

The great office space conundrum: To lease or buy?

The sign for Miss Maria’s Gymnastics is still on the front door of Angel Competition Bikinis’ new headquarters on 87th Street Parkway in Lenexa.

Karah Jones, ACB’s co-founder and CEO, said removing the logo of the former tenant is one of the final to-dos in completing the building conversion that began in January 2018.

Jones is thrilled to be here—but it wasn’t love at first sight. (more…)

New canine cancer treatment developed by Olathe company shows promise

One in four dogs will be impacted by cancer, and cancer is the top cause of death in dogs over the age of two.

ELIAS Animal Health, an Olathe-based bioscience company, is hoping its new immunotherapeutic product can help in the fight against cancer in companion animals. Preliminary results are encouraging. (more…)


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