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Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg to Speak in KC on May 6

Thinking Bigger Business Media has joined with Rainy Day Books for an upcoming author event featuring Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg in conversation with Senator Claire McCaskill about Sheryl’s new hardcover book Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy (co-authored by Adam Grant).  (more…)

Building Kansas City, with Hartline Construction owner Jennifer Hartline

Jennifer Hart, owner of Hartline Construction, joins host Kelly Scanlon to discuss entrepreneurship and how she’s grown her company.

Hartline Construction specializes in interior construction and finishing, including metal studs and drywall, doors and frames, finish carpentry, accoustical ceiling, painting and construction management. Among the projects the company have been involved with are Argosy Casino, Isle of Capri and others.


Coss Marte, Former Drug Kingpin Turned Fitness CEO, Talks Transformation

Coss Marte, a former drug kingpin turned fitness CEO, joins host Kelly Scanlon to share his story of transformation from NYC cocaine ringleader to business owner.

Marte, who is the owner of ConBody, came up with the company’s business plan while he was in prison serving time as the head of a multi-million dollar cocaine operation. His doctor tod him that his weight would lead to a heart attack and eventually kill him—probably within five years. Realizing his sentence was seven years, Marte did not want to die in prison. He developed a series of exercises he could do in his prison cell, and he lost 70 pounds in six months. He began sharing his system with other inmates and put together the plan for ConBody, his current company.

ConBody went on to win several major business pitch competitions such as Pitch for Good by TOM’s shoes and the YPO Shark Tank competition with Barbara Corcoran. The company currently has more than 6,000 clients.

Marte trains and hires formerly incarcerated individuals as instructors, mindful of the struggle that former inmates have when they are released.

Marte and ConBody have been featured on hundreds of news shows and major media outlets. He has also shared his story at prisons, conferences and TEDx in the U.S. and Hong Kong.

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Business With a Heart: Purpose-Driven Companies, with Mark O’Renick

Mark O’Renick, co-founder of Will & Grail, joins host Kelly Scanlon to talk about building socially responsible companies. Mark is an experienced business leader, brand strategist and entrepreneur.  As co-founder of Will &Grail, Mark helps companies use collaboration and design thinking to create believable, purpos- driven brands that build stronger, more profitable relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and the community. Mark also leads initiatives to foster conversation and research about the need to build socially responsible organizations that make a profound positive impact on lives, communities and the world. Recently launched initiatives include Conquer for Good ( and Brand Believability (  Prior to Will & Grail, Mark was co-founder and CEO of Salva O’Renick and marketing services company.  You can reach him at

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5 Steps to Shift from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business, with Bernadette Boas

With a pink slip in her hand and the words “You’re fired” echoing in her ear, our guest today, Bernadette Boas, went on a journey to discover, confront and shed her bitches of fear, insecurity and low self-worth. That journey led her to create and accelerate the riches she has today. Bernadette joins host Kelly Scanlon to share her 5-step Shift to Riches formula so listeners can consider what bitches they need to shed to finally create the riches they deserve.

Bernadette is the founder of Ball of Fire Consulting, a business management and leadership growth company. She coaches, trains and speaks to corporate and entrepreneurial leaders and organizations around the globe.

 Bernadette authored her first in a series of books, Shedding the Corporate Bitch, Shifting from Bitch to Rich in Life and Business. She has since adapted her story into a film screenplay, Confessions of a Corporate Bitch, and a successful radio program, Shed the Bitch Radio.

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