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Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co. Celebrates 60 Years

SPONSORED POST | Blue Ridge Bank and Trust Co. is turning 60 this year. As a locally-owned community bank they are a true financial partner to their business customers—connecting business owners with a vast array of credit resources and solutions. The financial professionals at Blue Ridge Bank have the skills and training to advise and support customers throughout the lifespan of their business loans. (more…)

Not Just Along for the Ride

James “Doc” McEntire is known in automotive racing circles for his focus on winning. McEntire, a Lee’s Summit pediatrician who’s been racking up racing accolades since the early ‘80s, holds international world records for drag racing performance on street legal cars. He and his red 1968 Camaro—the same one he used to take his driver’s license test—have been featured in Hot Rod, RPM and many other industry magazines. (more…)

Three Ways Your Library Can Boost Your Business in 2018

In the business community, we’re continually working toward goals—sales targets, customer satisfaction ratings, profit margins, etc. So when the New Year rolls around, nothing dramatically changes. We’re still striving to reach our perennial mile markers, and occasionally we’re closer to achieving them or to moving the bar a bit higher. For businesses looking for ways to move the needle even further this year, there is one resource that is often overlooked but greatly undervalued—your local library. (more…)

Roll It!

Video popularity is surging: 78 percent of people watch videos online each week, and 55 percent watch them online every day. More video content is uploaded to the web in a month than television has created in the last 30 years. (more…)

Family Builds Complete Home Concepts Across Generations, with Jeff Goodwin

Jeff Goodwin, owner of Complete Home Concepts, a one-stop shop for home construction and remodeling services, shares how he and his family have built the business through acquisitions.

When Jeff’s dad, Jim, bought a stone manufacturing company in 1976, he had no idea that three generations of his family would eventually be involved. At the time, he also didn’t know that the company would expand many times over through acquisition. It’s a plan that Jeff and his sister continue to follow.  It’s pretty simple, really. When they see an area where they could be better serving their customers, they acquire a company to fill that gap.

Tune in to find out Jeff’s keys to success.

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Family Builds Complete Home Concepts

Jim Goodwin was tired of traveling six days a week, three weeks a month. So he started a part-time business. His goal was to grow it so he could quit his job and spend more time with his family. Little did he know that 40 years later, the business—Complete Home Concepts—would be thriving under his son and daughter and that a third generation would also be involved. (more…)


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