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Entrepreneurial Journey

The ROI of Thinking

Over 20 years ago, a mentor of mine—Irv Hockaday, former CEO at Hallmark Cards Inc.—asked me, “Do you think that, or do you know that?” I have never forgotten the question. It is a game changer in my book. It is a question that stops a lot of leaders in their tracks. How much of what we “know” do we really know, based on fact, and how much is what we think based on accumulated experiences? (more…)

Wired But Tired? Three Ways to Make Haste, Slowly

A friend gave me a watch as a 28th birthday gift. In place of numbers, the hours were marked with the letters, Festina Lente. Make Haste Slowly. One of the saying’s early uses was as the motto of Caesar Augustus, who brought peace, infrastructure and philanthropy to Rome.  (more…)


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