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Thinking Bigger Guide 2014-15

17 Reasons Why KC Is a Great Place to Be an Entrepreneur

When you’re starting a business, location still matters, even in a world with a constant Internet connection. The quality of your customers and your employees might be affected by where you choose to set up shop. The traffic, the local tax rates, even the weather—they can all have outsize impacts on the fate of your company. (more…)

Who Should Fill Your Shoes?

You’ve spent years building your small business. Not only have you retired all your debts, you actually have made a fair bit of money for yourself. After all the hard work and long nights, your company practically runs itself. (more…)

What You Need to Know About the ACA for 2015

With all the recent changes and delays to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), it’s easy to lose track of what you as an employer are required to do and what can wait for another day. Let’s take a quick look at what has and hasn’t been delayed for small businesses and what you need to be doing now to prepare for 2015 and beyond. (more…)

Top 5 Goals of Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t exactly a new tactic, but what is new, at least to many marketers, is the concept of leveraging the Internet, SEO and social media to deliver content. Not only can it drive leads and sales, effective content marketing also serves the needs of your customers and prospects, helping to create strong relationships before, during and after the sale.


Tips for Avoiding Legal Headaches

So many small businesses begin as a simple idea involving a few friends. When the “company headquarters” is your garage, it’s hard to believe you really need the services of an experienced lawyer. (more…)

Time to Rethink Your LinkedIn Strategy?

Of all the social media platforms, LinkedIn is by far the best for strengthening professional relationships. It can be a great way to connect and stay top of mind with the people you admire, trust and respect. (more…)

Time to Factor?

If you’re tired of dealing with slow-paying customers—and all of the cash flow-related problems they cause—it might be time to consider factoring. (more…)

Three Ways to Launch Your Small Business

For many people, owning their own business is a fundamental part of the American dream. Finding a way to turn that dream into reality, though, can seem like a monumental challenge. (more…)

The Seven Deadly IT Sins for Small Business

When a major corporation like Target or Neiman Marcus experiences a security breach, suddenly everyone begins paying a little more attention to their network security. For a small business, that might mean changing passwords and updating antivirus software. But many don’t give network security the attention it deserves, due to inexperience, a false sense of security or sheer lack of time. (more…)

The Secret to a Successful Loan Meeting

What steps do you need to take when applying for a small business bank loan? Like a good Boy Scout or Girl Scout, you need to “be prepared” well before you meet with a loan officer. (more…)


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