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Gift or Giveaway: What the Difference Says about Your Customer Relationships

‘Tis the season, once again. For many businesses, the holidays prompt a bulk order of the same item for their customers, or a pre-printed holiday card signed by employees, whether those employees and customers know each other or not.

When it comes to customer gift-giving, it’s helpful to know the difference between a giveaway and a gift.    (more…)

Are People Talking About Your Business?

Business owners, especially those with smaller businesses, will tell you that one of the main ways they get new customers is through word-of-mouth.

However, very few of those same business owners actually do anything to purposely generate word-of-mouth. They’re just happy if it happens. (more…)

Out of the Blue: Leading People through Unexpected Situations

Air travel during the best of times can be a drag– but it was especially challenging before Hurricane Michael made landfall. 

I recently endured a long, drawn-out delay at an airport in the southeast as the weather put both outbound and inbound flights into a tailspin. (more…)

Vision Quest: Engaging Your Team in a Big Idea

“How can I get my team to engage in implementing a new idea?”

One of my clients asked that question in frustration recently. He had identified a concept that had revenue-generating, scalable potential, but his excitement wasn’t matched by his team. (more…)

Would you consider a shorter workweek?

“Workaholics aren’t heroes. They don’t save the day, they just use it up. The real hero is home because she figured out a faster way.” — Jason Fried

It’s no surprise that the world is changing. Is it time to start thinking about how we collectively labor? It’s extremely difficult to find great new employees, it’s becoming harder to keep them, and employee engagement continues to be very low (less than 20 percent from a global perspective, according to Gallup). (more…)

How Honest Advertising Benefits Your Business

When businesses think about false advertising, they usually think of the consequences.

Businesses with misleading ads can face government action, lose the trust of consumers, become an easy target of competitor attacks — or all three. (more…)


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