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Smart Strategies for Customer Service

How Honest Advertising Benefits Your Business

When businesses think about false advertising, they usually think of the consequences.

Businesses with misleading ads can face government action, lose the trust of consumers, become an easy target of competitor attacks — or all three. (more…)

Irreversible Sales Blunders that Destroy Trust

Sales representatives need not endlessly dwell on lapses in the service they provide nor spend an entire sales session bashing the products they wish to sell. However, to minimize the perception that they’re withholding vital information from the customer, salespeople must make clear the possibility of applicable additional fees, reasons the business may deny a repair or even why a repair might not work.

Preparing customers for problems they could face will reduce complaints later on. Withholding information from customers immediately sows the seeds of distrust. The last thing a business needs is to appear deceptive. (more…)

Customer complaints stem from follow-up, not service issues

Of the 1,300+ complaints filed against technology service providers (telecommunications, ISP, satellite TV, etc.) in Missouri and Kansas, 30 percent end with customers requesting the cancellation of their service.

These providers undoubtedly observe the impact of that number but may lack understanding as to why it’s so high. Without knowing why, they won’t know the best way to effectively reduce the number of cancellation requests. (more…)


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