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Strategic Leadership

Margaret Reynolds

Great Leaders Read and Heed Important Signs

In the Okavango Delta, a lush veld populated by wild game in the middle of Botswana, I learned an important leadership lesson. In order to survive and thrive—whether on a safari in Africa or running a business—we need to be able to read and heed the signs that are available to those who look. (more…)

3 Key Ways to Assess Your Business

As business leaders, it’s hard not to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to assessing our teams. They work hard and invest a significant effort to deliver goods and services to the market. In addition, they are our work family—in many cases, people we have coached and mentored over the years. We are proud of their growth and development. (more…)

The ROI of Thinking

Over 20 years ago, a mentor of mine—Irv Hockaday, former CEO at Hallmark Cards Inc.—asked me, “Do you think that, or do you know that?” I have never forgotten the question. It is a game changer in my book. It is a question that stops a lot of leaders in their tracks. How much of what we “know” do we really know, based on fact, and how much is what we think based on accumulated experiences? (more…)

Want Bigger Growth in Your Business? Make Your Customers Happier

As hardworking business professionals, it is easy to get caught up in what we know: how hard we work, how important something is to us, the nuances we think are valuable. We see things from our own perspective. However, the market doesn’t really care how we see it. At the end of the day, if we want customers to buy our goods and services, it is what the customers think that counts. (more…)

How to Make Effective Decisions

Often overlooked is the importance of effective decision making. Each day every organization collectively makes dozens, even hundreds of decisions. Each of these individual decisions can either push the organization further along the focused path of strategy or put the “Whac-A-Mole Management” game into play. How can organizations improve the consistency and alignment in decision making? By establishing decision criteria. (more…)

When Should Your Small Business Change?

Clearly, the question is no longer: “Do we need to change?” It is: “How do we know when we need to change?” As challenging as it is to wrap our minds around all the moving parts of the market, technology and the economy, the hardest part is to decide when to make dramatic changes to the business. Unfortunately, far too often, businesses succumb to either overreacting or underreacting. (more…)

How Outside-In Thinking Can Create New Opportunities

On an online chat forum for business travelers, the question of how hotels respond to online criticisms was raised. What do travelers do if their complaints receive a generic response? Most agreed they just don’t return to the hotel—a passive response, and the hotel may never know it just lost a customer through its action, or rather, lack thereof. (more…)


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