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Elizabeth Usovicz

The Key to Sales Goals Success: Committing to a Routine

Three months ago, Jon set ambitious sales goals for his business. When he reviewed his progress recently, Jon was ahead of target – for the first time in two years. Jon is more than lucky or determined. What he realized this year is that setting a sales goal isn’t just getting the number right – it’s also committing to a routine of activities that produce results. (more…)

Got Call Reluctance? Amp Up your Ask!

“It’s just a conversation. What’s getting in the way?” I recently asked a business owner that question.

For weeks, Chris’s prospect list has included a CEO that Chris has known for several weeks. As members of the same organization, they see each other twice a month at meetings and have a friendly relationship. Chris is normally outgoing, proactive and confident. He believes the CEO could benefit from his company’s services. Yet, twice a month, Chris passes on an opportunity to approach the CEO. Why is he so reluctant to take the next step? (more…)

Why You Need a Plan B—and How to Develop One  

“What happened?” I asked. Carol, the company owner, shrugged. “The deal didn’t work out.” She had been in negotiations for six months to merge her business with a larger company. I persisted. “So, what’s your Plan B?” She shook her head. “There is no Plan B.” (more…)


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