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Dobies Healthcare Group: Navigating Market Changes in Healthcare


Where strategy matters most during industry change and disruption.

Healthcare is changing at a magnitude and pace we’ve never seen before. In an industry long known for moving at glacial speed, we now find ourselves in the midst of rapid, macro-level evolution that is fundamentally changing the shape and scope of U.S. healthcare.

Strategic Marketing + Creative Communication = Healthier Brands

They make it look easy, but there is nothing simple about what they do. As healthcare marketing and branding experts, the team at Dobies Healthcare Group navigates a complex and rapidly changing industry to produce measurable results.

Since 1992, Dobies Healthcare Group has offered highly specialized expertise in healthcare marketing strategy, branding and creative communications. The Kansas City-based company serves the entire healthcare industry, from hospitals, health systems and payers to medical device manufacturers, distributors, associations and certifying boards.

At its core, the firm’s philosophy can be summed up in two words: strategy first.

“When you combine strategic marketing with creative communication, you create healthier brands,” said Carol Dobies, CEO and Founder. “To elevate market position and increase market share, you need a solid strategic plan in place first and foremost. Strategy brings clarity along the path to brand authenticity—creative campaigns alone won’t do that.”


It is a prime example of industry disruption—large-scale change driven by government intervention, technological innovation, shifting consumer demands, big data and more. Born from the premise that comprehensive health management must focus on prevention as well as treatment, healthcare is now actively transforming into lifecare.

To build sustainability and secure a meaningful position in the new care model, healthcare leaders should focus on strategy in three core areas:

  1. Leadership

The right leadership personalities engaged at various stages of growth is essential. When leaders come together on strategy but assume complementary roles in the process of bringing it to life—for example, one who excels at generating ideas, another who excels at managing execution—the result is a future-focused leadership dynamic capable of moving the dial across the organization.

By defining these roles and delegating responsibilities according to individual strengths, healthcare companies can avoid common leadership-based obstacles that interfere with strategic objectives.

  1. Organizational Culture

Generally speaking, employees in healthcare are
motivated by the good they can do to improve patient experience and influence informed decisions. That purposeful mission is a powerful ally for healthcare organizations because internal culture is closely connected to the external brand.

Healthcare companies should consider embracing corporate social engagement as a strategy for building brands, strengthening culture, fostering loyalty, and enhancing employee recruitment and retention.

  1. Expanding Care Models

Today’s visionary healthcare leaders are looking beyond the age-old “sick care” model to establish a fully integrated, consumer-centric model of health and life services. Organizations must pivot to offering community-based services that encourage consumers to adopt new, healthy lifestyles.

What does a health-life care model look like? That depends on a variety of localized factors—such as community health needs, consumer demographics, competitive market positioning, opportunities for strategic public-private partnerships, and service lines poised for growth (to name just a few). Successful leaders will look at strategy to inform specific tactics, but the goal is relatively universal: integrating healthcare with healthy living so seamlessly that it becomes pervasive in people’s lives.

Looking to the Future

Advice to all healthcare executives and boards: Take time to understand the market transformation and how best to adapt, and consult with experts outside your team if needed. Use that knowledge to drive results-oriented change and bring the new health model to life. Successfully navigating the new healthcare world requires vision, strategy, flexibility and organization-wide commitment. Learn more at dobies.com/navigate.

Written by

Carol Dobies is the CEO and founder of Dobies Healthcare Group. (816) 753-3336 // @caroldobies

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