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Inspired Homes: Transforming the Home Building Market

Inspired Homes: Transforming the Home Building Market


North Kansas City-based Inspired Homes doesn’t want to be just any homebuilder. The company founders‘ businesses included local real estate and construction busineses spanning more than 50 years. They are now working to revolutionize the home building industry.

To put it simply, Inspired Homes leverages technology and systems that streamline the home buying and building process. The result is affordable, safe, energy-efficient homes.

“In the U.S., we build homes like we did 100 years ago,” said Todd Lipschutz, president of Inspired Homes. “But Inspired Homes is focused on integrating the manufacturing process into the building system. The goal is to have walls, floors, roof, mechanical and interior walls manufactured in a high-quality contained environment and shipped to the job in components and assembled on site. The traditional model is field driven and exposes products to rain, wind and other elements.”

Don’t let the technology-driven manufacturing process mislead you into thinking the experience is impersonal. It’s anything but.

“We pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality home and a high-quality experience with our customers,” Lipschutz said.

A dedicated point of contact is provided during the home purchasing and building process, with financing assistance offered as well. Buyers can choose from among multiple floor plans and designs on the Inspired Homes’ website, and customers also have the option of personalized designs.

Building a Business, and Careers Too

Today, Inspired Homes has a presence in Johnson County, Jackson County and Cass County.

“Our vision is to be 360 around the Kansas City metro area,” said Lipschutz.

Lipschutz realizes that in order to grow the company, they need to invest in people who are passionate about building not just a house, but people’s dreams.

“We could have the best laid software and machinery, plans, processes, all that stuff that goes into a robust company, but our belief is in bringing on the right people. There’s a lot of skilled people in home building, but we seek people out who have that connection with us and our vision and give them the opportunity to grow in our business,” he said.

Financial Foundation

Home building is a very capital intensive business, and Equity Bank has allowed Inspired Homes to build a solid foundation.

“Equity Bank has been extremely supportive, and we certainly live up to our end of the bargain too,” said Lipschutz. “We make sure our plans are complete and our margins are what we said they were going to be, delivering our homes when we said we would. It takes a relationship, like anything, to be successful, and they do that relation-ship really well. I couldn’t be happier with our partnership.”

Lipschutz noted that Equity Bank is always available when they have issues or questions, and have been fair with the financing and provide great service. The support has helped to position Inspired Homes for future expansion.

“We want to expand into other things beyond ‘for sale’ residential and complement the real estate side of the business around
multi-family and the apartment side, detached and attached products and potentially into other avenues of real estate. Geographically, we want to make the company strong here in Kansas City and provide opportunity for geographic expansion,” Lispschutz said.

Share Your Napkin Story

Some of the most amazing business stories started as an idea scribbled on a napkin.

Mark Parman, Kansas City Market President of Equity Bank, invites you to share your Napkin Story. “We not only want to hear your origin story, we can help you continue to write the rest of your company’s story,” he said.

Equity Bank is a full-service community bank with offices in Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. Our group of bankers are experienced with businesses from small to large. We take the time to listen to your story and help you design the services that will benefit you and your business.

To share your napkin story, get in touch at marketing@equitybank.com or (913) 323-9300.

Visit: Equitybank.com/napkin-stories 


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