Past Issues

Vol. 22 Issue 12

When Should Strategic Leaders Change Course?

For many business leaders, answering the question “when should we change course?” is one of the toughest they face. How long do you stay the course, and under what conditions do you decide to change? The “right” answer, the one that studies correlate with the best performance, is “very rarely.” Surprised? You and most other leaders may be, so if you are, consider yourself in good company!  (more…)

Family Ties Online: The Different Types of Family Business Owners

Note from Sherman Titens: In this column, guest contributor Joe Paul takes a look at a variety of motivations and behavioral types displayed by family business leaders. He addresses how their differences can affect the continued success and harmony of a family business.

Frank was excited about the potential of acquiring a competitor. He had prepared a great presentation to share with his company’s board about this opportunity. The two independent board members had arrived early, but his sister Karen was already 45 minutes late, as usual. He was managing his frustration with her pretty well as she arrived, and he could finally call the board meeting to order. (more…)

Saying Yes to the Wrong Things

Have you ever heard the saying, “If you want to get something done, ask a busy person”? People on the move are “do-ers.” If you ask them, they’ll say yes even if their plate is full. It’s a great skill to have because what can be accomplished by one person is remarkable! The people around you begin to set expectations higher for you and before you know it, your schedule is LOADED. Sound familiar?


Connecting to Culture

As Christina Frazier searched for her next startup, she kept coming back to a staggering statistic: Hispanics, who make up just 17 percent of the overall U.S. population, are 30 percent of the country’s iPhone users.

“A lot of Hispanics skipped the PC, and they went straight to the smartphone,” Frazier said. (more…)

5 Essential Rules for Smart Telecommuting

You’ve probably heard the buzz about telecommuting—that it’s a great way to eliminate the need to commute, improve efficiency and keep workers happy.

If you’re like most business owners, though, you probably have some big concerns about letting your employees work at home, while on the road or at a remote location. Maybe telecommuting is fine for the Fortune 500, but is it really a good idea for your company? (more…)

Managing the Fun House

Conventional wisdom would have you believe that “fun” and “workplace” don’t belong in the same sentence. This is the same conventional wisdom that seems to think that any level of frivolity doesn’t have a place if you’re a “real business” doing serious work or creating serious products for your customers.

At the risk of losing our reputation for unconventional thinking, conventional wisdom has a bit of a point here, and here’s why. (more…)

Tax Forecast for High-Income Earners

As we near the end of 2013, high-income taxpayers should note several changes to the tax code that will affect this year’s returns. A variety of strategies can be utilized to effectively plan before the end of the year.  (more…)


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