Past Issues

Vol. 22 Issue 12

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Small Businesses Make on Tax Strategy

Your business has a life cycle. It begins when you launch the company, continues as you grow it and comes to completion when you either sell the business intact or liquidate its assets. Each of these stages requires a unique tax strategy. The good news is that as your business grows, you can easily plan ahead with your CPA. The first step in that planning is consulting with your CPA when you start your business. (more…)

The STUFF of Genius

It’s hard to describe STUFF to someone who’s never been there before.

If you stroll down Brookside’s neighborly 63rd Street, though, you’ll definitely notice the store’s whimsical, playfully painted window. Step through the propped-open door, past the perky Australian Shepherd mix—his name is Chancey—and you’ll see, well, stuff you can’t find anywhere else. (more…)

Is Your Number Up?

As a business owner, you’re well aware that “what gets measured gets improved.” That’s why taking daily readings of your blood pressure and keeping track of the results in a diary can help you take more responsibility for your personal health. (more…)

Technology Licensing 101

Universities and other research organizations can be a source of highly innovative developments in technology. However, universities do not always make the best business partners. There are many pitfalls to acquiring or licensing university technology for commercialization.

So how can you leverage university technology for your company, and what issues should you look out for in the process? (more…)

Taking Inventory of Yourself

The end of the year is coming up, and you are working your butt off to make your 2013 objectives. You’re in such a frenzy that you might forget to take some time and assess what you the owner did to make your company stronger and more successful this year and, most importantly, what you did to improve yourself along the way. (more…)

New Rules Target Size and Status Fraud

Under new rules from the U.S. Small Business Administration, businesses could face severe penalties if they intentionally misrepresent their size or status so they can win a set-aside contract or subcontract from the federal government.  (more…)

A Gift for Your Community

The holiday season is here, and for a lot of people, it’s a time for giving gifts. Before you drive to the mall or head to, though, I’d encourage you to check out the locally owned shops just down the street. (more…)

Prime Position

When Jason Lofton formed QTI Inc., his contracting business, he made an important early decision: He positioned the company as a prime contractor.  (more…)


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