Past Issues

Vol. 22 Issue 8

The Second Time Around

Statistics have shown that only about 50 percent of new businesses last more than five years. Assuming a business succeeds, what then possesses some entrepreneurs to start up a second business while still running the first?

A lot of things. (more…)

Taking—and Giving—Notice

As a small business owner, it’s understandable if keeping up with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act doesn’t top your list of priorities. After all, the law’s primary mandate for employers—to offer a certain level of affordable health coverage to employees—applies only to employers that have 50 or more employees. (Even that requirement is being postponed for a year.) (more…)

Self-Defense for Your Tech

Today’s technology gives us extraordinary opportunities. It allows us to make our businesses more efficient, profitable and reliable, while simultaneously enabling us as individuals to be more connected. We can tweet, surf, post, blog, email and chat all from a device no larger than our hand. (more…)


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