Past Issues

Vol. 22 Issue 8

Strategic Leadership: Hit the Bull’s-Eye with Customer Targeting

Most companies I know struggle to find the right balance between too few descriptors and too many when describing their customer targets. Others sheepishly admit their customer is anyone who fogs a mirror and carries a checkbook! When sales are so important to our business, and we can never have enough, why would we ever want to limit who we sell to? (more…)

Family Ties Online: Succession, the Critical Decision

Succession is one of the most perplexing problems that the owners of a family business must face. “Don’t worry, someday the business will be yours” is not an unusual way that some handle the issue. But consideration must be given to whether there is a capable successor available or, if available, is the potential successor interested in taking that role? Or should the business be sold to employees, to a competitor or to a stranger? Is liquidation the better path to follow? (more…)

Delighted Customers: Lessons from Lisbon

Out on the Atlantic edge of Europe, Lisbon may not be a top-of-mind capital in the European Union or a place most people associate with peak customer experience. A recent business trip to Lisbon changed my mind, and gave me more than souvenirs to take home. (more…)


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