Past Issues

Vol. 23 Issue 10

Drafting Your Fantasy Business Team

This fall, approximately 40 million Americans have drafted their own fantasy football teams. The craze has grown into an industry with annual spending revenue projected to approach $1.7 billion this year by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. I think it is safe to say this idea was a hit!

What if you could draft a fantasy business team? (more…)

Branding from the Inside Out

Pictures, drawings or any type of image creates some kind of an emotional reaction—excitement, hope, anger, disappointment, happiness, indifference, etc.—triggered by past experiences. It’s important to remember that your company logo is no different. As a stand-alone, a logo is simply a graphical image, flat with no personality. You can say that your company logo stands for X, but what if people’s experience with your brand actually equals Y? Then, like it or not, your brand perception is Y. For brands to resonate well in today’s marketplace, it’s important that the brand and company experiences align with the brand or company message. (more…)

Building Up Young People

Jake Schloegel, the owner of Schloegel Design Remodel, is a longtime volunteer with the Urban Ranger Corps, a Kansas City nonprofit that provides training, academic support and summer jobs to youths in the city’s core. (more…)


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