Past Issues

Vol. 23 Issue 11

Beating the Price Hikes of Employer Health Plans

This column shares a two-pronged approach for responding to spikes in the cost of health plans. One approach is for employees whose employers continue to offer the traditional group health plans. The second is for employers who need to get the price of providing health insurance to their employees down to a manageable level. (more…)

Why Business Shouldn’t Always Just ‘Go With the Flow’

I spent the day working on a five-year strategic plan with a board of directors. The board is comprised of C-suite executives from Fortune 1000 companies—knowledgeable, experienced and smart. So why hadn’t they previously asked the tough questions about the organization’s future? Like, how do you define success? Or are new trends something we embrace, ignore or push back on? (more…)

The 4 Essential Skills of High-Growth Founders

Creating a new business is hard, but launching a high-growth startup is even more challenging. High-growth founders must rapidly attract a paying customer base, mobilize a scalable business model and lead people inside and outside the business to achieve more than they think possible. (more…)


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