Past Issues

Vol. 23 Issue 4

The Most Common Wage Mistakes that Employers Make

Many federal employment laws apply only to larger employers, but the Fair Labor Standards Act governs pay practices at even the smallest shops. Additionally, state wage payment acts in Missouri and Kansas further regulate small employers’ pay practices. The following are some of the most common missteps small employers experience in the wage and hour arena. (more…)

The Rules for Your Sales Ride-Along

Tom, an experienced salesperson, was invited to his prospect’s corporate headquarters for a meeting. When Tom told his company president, Bill suggested that they go together. “I’ll follow your lead,” Bill assured Tom. (more…)

Four Ways to Make an IT Disaster Even Worse

Let’s face it—no one ever wants to imagine a scenario where the worst happens, but the reality is that we all need to be prepared. Much like carrying insurance or having a will in your personal life, a disaster recovery plan is a necessity for any business. (more…)


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