Past Issues

Vol. 23 Issue 5

HEMP Mentor Maxims: The Lesson of the Square Peg

Once upon a time, Kansas City and many of its surrounding communities were home to a thriving textile industry where companies made coats, jeans and a variety of other clothes and textile-related products. Now, just as the rest of the United States has seen, the textile industry in our area has become nonexistent as products from countries with cheap labor have allowed consumers to purchase these same items at a less expensive price than what they paid 30 years ago—sometimes without even adjusting for inflation. (more…)

‘An Integral Part of the Entrepreneurial Process’

Foundry Group’s Brad Feld is one of the country’s best-known venture capitalists, the co-founder of startup accelerator Techstars and an expert on building startup communities. But he’s had his share of failures, too, and he encourages other entrepreneurs to put setbacks in their proper context.

Brad took a few questions from Thinking Bigger Business on failure and why it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. (Read more about learning from failure in this month’s lead feature.) (more…)

Power to the People

When we look back on the significant moments in our lives, where we achieved great success, made a turning point or experienced awesome joy, we can almost always connect the moment to a person. People create links, add value, educate, inspire and move other people toward success. (more…)

Building Your Business with an Advisory Board

Why hasn’t your business formed its own strategic advisory board? For a lot of entrepreneurs, the excuse is time! “Excuse” may be a harsh term, because there are some challenges in “making the time.” We are so busy working in the minutia of our business on a day-to-day basis that having any time to sit, breathe and think is just a stressor. It can be lonely to be the top dog making all the decisions—and hoping those decisions are the right decisions. (more…)


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