Past Issues

Vol. 23 Issue 6

Why Long Hours Are Dangerous for Your Business

With some business owners, working long hours is some kind of badge of honor. For others, it feels like it’s just an inevitable part of owning a business and it will never go away. The reality is those long hours are dangerous—not just to you personally, but also to your business. (more…)

Slow, The New Fast

“What happened to that white-hot prospect?”

Every business owner and salesperson has asked this question. You had their attention and mobile number. They had a need; your product or service practically sold itself. You had rapport, and then … (more…)

Kennisons Work for Lupus Research

Ever since Shimika Kennison was diagnosed with lupus in 2003, she and husband Eddie—one of the best-loved receivers to ever play for the Kansas City Chiefs—have worked diligently to raise money for lupus research and treatment. (more…)


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