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New Law Firm Swings Into Action on Animal Rights

New Law Firm Swings Into Action on Animal Rights


A new Kansas City law firm is marking its territory in a crowded field with a unique approach: In addition to handling typical cases such as personal injury and moving violations, Jungle Law Group is making a name for itself with animal rights activism.

Engaged partners Tristen Woods and Lauren Kruskall started the firm in January. It’s a family business, according to Donna Woods, “momager” and marketing specialist—she works with not only her son but also her mother, office manager Karen Woods.

“The law has traditionally regarded animals as property, but most owners know that their pets feel more like family,” Kruskall said. “We are working with the Missouri legislature to recognize the importance of animals in the law. This includes increased criminal penalties for abuse against both domestic and exotic animals.”

Animal rights law is an emerging legal field. Jungle Law Group has shone a big spotlight on that area since its founding. Tristen Woods, a KC native, appears on billboards as “Tarzan the Lawman,” and the partners make regular television appearances to promote animal rights.

“In just a short amount of time, we have been able to increase awareness about animal rights law in Missouri. Whether it’s a monkey, a beagle, a toucan or a pot-bellied pig, Jungle Law Group is working towards giving every animal a better life,” Donna Woods said.

Jungle Law Group aims to be a role model in supporting important community causes.

“Businesses have a voice that echoes in a community; when they give back, it inspires individuals to do the same,” the attorneys said. “At Jungle Law Group, we give back because without our community, we would not have a business. We are fortunate to work with local animal rescue groups to educate and inspire the community about animal rights.”

Katie Bean

Written by

Katie Bean is president and editor at Thinking Bigger Business Media Inc. She directs editorial content for the magazine and website. Contact her at kbean@ithinkbigger.com.

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