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Now More Than Ever, Focus is a Business Strategy

Now More Than Ever, Focus is a Business Strategy


I believe so strongly in the power of focus that I own the trademark for “Focus is a Business Strategy.” If you own or run a business, your company’s growth depends on your ability to focus.

Jason is a company owner who developed a strong customer base for his company’s technology products. Then Jason learned through an email from a business contact that a competitor was selling knock-offs to two of his customers. The news put Jason into a tailspin. He spent days researching the competitor and re-reading the email. He postponed team meetings and called his attorney, consumed by the distraction.

When you’ve lost your focus and find yourself in a downward spiral, it can be hard to pull yourself out. Here’s how to reclaim your focus.

Clarify Your Strategy

In a situation like Jason’s, it’s natural to ask, “How do I stop them?” The answer is, you can’t. Accept competition as a reality, and focus on positioning your own company and products. These questions can help:

  • How accurate is the information? How much is fact, and how much is my own conjecture?
  • How does the information impact my income or business strategy?
  • What actions can I take that will move the company forward?

Jason focused on identifying and monetizing a significant point of difference between his products and the competitor’s knock-offs. Then he initiated conversations with his customers and prospects to reinforce his relationships.

 Engage Your Team

Shutting yourself away from your team doesn’t protect them; it provokes anxiety. Teams talk. They can sense when there is an issue and also can provide valuable perspective and talent. As Jason refocused on the company, he re-engaged his team in brainstorming options. Together, they developed a process for identifying and converting prospects who value quality and long-term performance.

Remember Your Core Strengths

Make a list of the successes your company has had in customer service, launching new products or product quality, and creating value for customers. Keep yourself and your team laser-focused on streamlining and refining the processes in your areas of strength. When your focus drifts, review the list for your core strengths, and re-focus your company’s time, talents and resources on playing to those strengths.

“The main thing is to keep the main thing a main thing,” advised leadership expert Stephen Covey. Your focus is precious—perhaps the single most valuable asset you bring to your company on a daily basis. Don’t waste it on distractions. Now more than ever, your focus is your business strategy.


Elizabeth Usovicz

Written by

Elizabeth Usovicz is principal of WhiteSpace Consulting®, specializing in top-line revenue strategies, business development coaching, qualitative research and strategy session facilitation. She can be reached at elizabeth@whitespacerevenue.com or (913) 638-8693.


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