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Why It’s Time to Start Saving Money on Electricity

Why It’s Time to Start Saving Money on Electricity


One area many business owners overlook that could save them thousands of dollars is an energy audit. Here are four questions to ask about your business electricity bills:

Why should I get an energy audit or lighting analyses?

In the past, many companies have considered utilities “a cost of doing business.” By running an inefficient building, you are overpaying your utility for energy.

A good building energy audit/lighting analyses point out how to reduce your energy costs by 10 to 40 percent. That could mean the difference between staying afloat and going under.

What are the main benefits for switching to LEDs?

If you’re still using incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, or even CFLs, you’re paying more than you should. LEDs are far more efficient, providing as much light as an incandescent bulb or a CFL with a mere 9 watts on average. If you’re currently relying on outdated incandescent bulbs, you’re paying nearly seven times more than if you used LEDs.

Where should I focus first?

Substitute your old lighting with LEDs. But a drastic shift doesn’t always fit the company budget. Consider which lights you use most often, and switch those first. For example, exterior lights that you leave on at night should be your first priority. Transitioning over to LEDs on a bulb-by-bulb basis is an easy way to switch over without worrying about spending too much money up front.

Will switching to LEDs lower my yearly maintenance costs?

Yes. We’re not saying you’ll absolutely never have to touch your lighting system, and we’re not saying it’s 100 percent maintenance-free. We are saying that a lot of quality LED products–bulbs and fixtures–are coming to market with warranties of five or even 10 years. That says something about the anticipated longevity of these products. How much would you save if you didn’t have to replace a bulb or fixture for 5 years or longer?

Making the investment in energy efficient lighting may seem like the last way your business can save money, but numbers don’t lie. By changing over to LED or CFL bulbs, you’ll save thousands of dollars for your business. That’s a lot of money you can reinvest into other profit- generating activities. Evaluate your business’s lighting needs today to see how you can switch and save.

Give us a call at EnergyCo Partners to assist with your audit.

Written by

James Freese is the CEO of Energy Co. Partners. You can reach him at (816) 945-2130 or jfreese@energycopartners.com. // www.energycopartners.com

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