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1Million Cups Rcap: KingFit, StinkBOSS Present

This week two startups aiming to eradicate bad things presented at 1 Million Cups at the Kauffman Foundation.


KingFit is an online service offering preventive health and performance coaching. It acts as a partner to physicians and can help clients with type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and other preventable chronic illnesses.

Founder Miguel Johns has a family history of diabetes and has seen firsthand what the disease can do. That’s part of the reason he founded the company. Johns combined his family experience with his health science degree to create a business that can help real patients stay on track to better health.

KingFit has already partnered with several big names like the YMCA, the American Diabetes Association and more.

Patients can access the online program on a smartphone app or online, but it must be prescribed by a doctor. Johns says one struggle has been reaching patients who are in the low-income demographic.


StinkBOSS is a system that uses ozone to effectively disinfect and deodorize stinky shoes and sports gear. Founder Hilary Philgreen got the idea for the prototype from her kids. She says her active family plays lots of sports and creates lots of stinky gear. The company’s tagline: “Inventing the defeet of stink!”

The StinkBOSS system is a box that creates ozone to naturally and effectively kill off odor-causing bacteria. After stinky gear has been run through the StinkBOSS box, it smells fresh, like after a summer rain.

So far, the company has sold out twice on Amazon. Philgreen says the company sells almost exclusively online, as it’s run into issues with shelf space in stores.