Author: David Mitchell

Building KC

Hy-Vee Arena becomes a new kind of showplace

Woody Carter’s business is scheduling events in the newly renovated and rebranded Hy-Vee Arena. Business is brisk. “For 2019, we have six weekend days where there’s nothing on the books yet,” Carter, the arena’s events and sales manager, said Nov. 7. “We’re doing well, getting large tournaments. It’s a wonderful, multi-use space.” (more…)

Company to Watch, Success Stories

KC Crew: Teeming with teams

Luke Wade wasn’t looking for a new career. He was just looking for a place to play. Wade was living downtown and working as a web developer and graphic designer when the former college football player grew frustrated with the lack of options for adult sports in the city. Wade, a self-described “tech nerd,” rented a field and put his skills to use by building a website for players to…