Author: Katheigh Degen

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Business Succession Planning

When developing a succession plan for your business, you must make many decisions. Should you sell your business or give it away? Should you structure your plan to go into effect during your lifetime or at your death? Should you transfer your ownership interest to family members, co-owners, employees, or an outside party? The key is to pick the best plan for your circumstances and objectives, and to seek help…


Planning Your Exit

You’ve navigated a competitive market, steered your company to profitability, and put it on track for healthy growth and expansion. It’s now time to start thinking about an exit strategy. (more…)


Insuring Key Employees

Protect against the loss of workers who are crucial to your success. If your business relies on great employees to make certain aspects of your company run well, they also probably represent an important part of your profitability. When a key employee is injured and unable to work for an extended period of time, or worse, if your employee dies unexpectedly, what would be the resulting impact on your cash…