Author: Lexi Ryan

October 2021, Expert Advice

Now Is the Time to Jump Back into Professional Development

Whether international or local, most professionals were involved in groups, clubs, organizations and their communities before the pandemic began. At a minimum, people were attending monthly events with speakers giving expert advice to advance attendees’ skill sets.  Fast forward to COVID-19, and many group meetings were put on pause. Some still haven’t started back up even virtually.  Several local groups have adapted to hybrid or completely virtual events but have…

August 2021, Expert Advice

Why Your Office Needs a Cheerleader

With the building anxiety from another year of uncertainty, living in the present is all we can plan for. Another wave of COVID is hitting, motivation is dropping, mental health is declining and hard work doesn’t feel as rewarding.  This is where the office cheerleader comes in — the one with superpower energy, the “Salvador Perez” of the workplace. It’s time to find him or her, or perhaps step into…

June 2021, Expert Advice

Millennials Break Workplace Traditions

It’s time to end the stigma around millennials.  Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. workforce according to Pew Research Center. And, let’s face it, they’ve grown up. Maybe they’re still buying avocado toast … but they are all over the age of 26 now. Some in older generations consider millennials to be entitled. As a millennial myself, I couldn't disagree more. That “entitlement” is being confused with…