Author: Margaret Reynolds

Expansion, Growth Strategy

How Outside-In Thinking Can Create New Opportunities

On an online chat forum for business travelers, the question of how hotels respond to online criticisms was raised. What do travelers do if their complaints receive a generic response? Most agreed they just don’t return to the hotel—a passive response, and the hotel may never know it just lost a customer through its action, or rather, lack thereof. (more…)

Expansion, Growth Strategy

Time for a Change in Strategy?

Far too many businesses don’t realize they need to change things up until they are already in decline. It may seem counterintuitive, but when your business has seen multiple years of double-digit growth and has hit record revenue and profits—that is the best time to begin thinking about the next big breakthrough. (more…)

Expansion, Growth Strategy

What’s In Your Kansas City Small Business’s Strategic Planning Tool-Kit?

When you hire a carpenter to build a deck in Kansas City, what questions do you ask? Do you ask to see his saw and hammer? Or do you ask to see other decks he has built? The tools may be important, but precisely which hammer he uses probably matters less to you than the quality of the finished product and whether it meets or even surpasses your expectations. (more…)