Author: Margaret Reynolds

Entrepreneurial Journey, Personal Growth

The Danger of Lifelong Learning

I am an avid reader. I love to learn. Chances are you do, too. I think everyone in our tribe would call themselves a lifelong learner with perhaps more than a little pride. It wasn’t until I started writing the introduction to my book and examining my hopes for the reader that I realized that the goal is not the learning—it is in the doing of what you learned. (more…)

Expansion, Growth Strategy

HEMP Mentor Maxims: Start with the End in Mind

How many times have you said, “If only I knew then what I know now”? Most of us realize hindsight is a valuable thing. So why, as business leaders, do we jump to making a decision before we fully understand the potential consequences of our actions? Time is money, sure, but not defining the endgame before investing can mean that the investment doesn’t yield the intended return. (more…)

Web Exclusives

Why Business Shouldn’t Always Just ‘Go With the Flow’

I spent the day working on a five-year strategic plan with a board of directors. The board is comprised of C-suite executives from Fortune 1000 companies—knowledgeable, experienced and smart. So why hadn’t they previously asked the tough questions about the organization’s future? Like, how do you define success? Or are new trends something we embrace, ignore or push back on? (more…)