Author: Sherry Turner


To Take Notes or Not to Take Notes

We’ve all been in meetings with people don’t feel the need to take notes. At first, you might be astonished by that person’s intelligence—what a champion of both long- and short-term memory! These feelings tend to diminish when, two days later, that person can’t remember what his or her assignment was or anything else that came up during the meeting. (more…)

Success Stories

Staking the Claim as America’s Most Entrepreneurial City

When it comes to entrepreneurism, Kansas City has a lot to celebrate. In fact, KCSourceLink recently released a report detailing all the great things that are happening with our local “ecosystem.” (You can read that report here at the new website.) If you’re an entrepreneur, a nonprofit professional who works with entrepreneurs or an employee of a large corporation, you should embrace the notion of Kansas City becoming America’s…

Expansion, Growth Strategy

Building Your Business with an Advisory Board

Why hasn’t your business formed its own strategic advisory board? For a lot of entrepreneurs, the excuse is time! “Excuse” may be a harsh term, because there are some challenges in "making the time." We are so busy working in the minutia of our business on a day-to-day basis that having any time to sit, breathe and think is just a stressor. It can be lonely to be the top…