Better Data, Better Care

The workers’ compensation market is a $70 billion industry—one that’s ripe for innovation.

Bardavon, a young company from Overland Park, is doing its part to increase efficiency and improve care for injured workers. It has created a suite of online tools that help employers better track the progress of injured workers’ care. Its proprietary platform also gathers analytics to create “dashboards” that employers can use to monitor the effectiveness of their workers’ comp program.

Bardavon was created by Matt Condon, the founder of the successful ARC Physical Therapy+. Condon made data analytics an integral part of ARC, which operates a network of physical and occupational therapy (PT/OT) providers that specialize in workers’ comp treatment. By collecting data from more than half a million patient visits, ARC uncovered valuable insights that helped it improve its service.

Case in point: ARC discovered that the longer the time between injury and treatment, the longer the treatment time that patient would require.

This data-minded approach worked well for ARC, but the company was limited to the regions where its PT and OT clinics operated. Condon realized the potential of creating a cloud-based platform.

“We could scale that impact—identifying and supporting higher quality medical services through our data analytics platform—by deploying it seamlessly to the patient, provider and payor wherever they lived, via the internet,” Condon said.

And that’s how Bardavon was born.

Deploying Data

Bardavon better connects employer-clients with networks of PT/OT providers. The platform helps employers “to identify and support the right providers, giving the right care, at the right time, to the patients needing their expertise,” said Condon.

Bardavon’s solutions identify “best in class” providers in every location where its employer-clients are present. Injured workers receive the expertise they need. Medical care providers are held “accountable to true performance measures related to comprehensive claim success,” said Condon. “If we identify clinicians in a given area that aren’t providing value, then the employer can simply stop sending them patients.”

Catalyst of Change

“We believe that the power of Bardavon’s data can and will be a catalyst of change in the broader health care market as well,” said Condon. “Undoubtedly, the ‘fee for value’ outcomes Bardavon is already driving in workers’ compensation have enormous potential to influence this same evolution in the broader Medicare/Medicaid and commercial health care segments.”

Entrepreneur // Matt Condon

Company Information // Bardavon Health Innovations | 6803 W. 64th St., Ste. 200, Overland Park, KS 66202 | (913) 236-1020 |

Type of Business // Cloud-based tools for employers and health care providers in the workers’ comp space

Year Founded // 2012

Employees // 80