Big Starts: FitBark Fetches Data from Pets’ Collars

How does Fido really feel? Making it easier to tell is FitBark, a member of the 2014 inaugural class of the Sprint Mobile Health Accelerator.

The company’s wireless activity monitor for dogs’ collars uses technology similar to personal fitness trackers and retails for $99 with no monthly fees.

“It’s building an experience that helps us understand our dogs better, so we can take better care of them,” said FitBark CEO Davide Rossi. “We want to know exactly what’s going on with our dogs.”

FitBark monitors a dog’s movements and relays pertinent data to a smartphone or other mobile device.

“Is my dog having a normal day?” Rossi said. “Or maybe he’s lethargic and getting three extra hours of rest—that means he might be sick, right? How are things changing week after week, month after month? Where does my dog stand compared to other dogs of the same breed? We just want to remove the guesswork.”

The data can also be shared with veterinarians, who can remotely monitor what’s happening with a pet after surgery.

“We are also creating a platform for the vets to get an alert if something is off compared to what is expected,” Rossi said.