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BIG STARTS | Posh Restoration Facilities

Vol. 26 Issue 4

Post Categories: Big Starts, Success Stories

A new company to keep your eye on: Posh Restoration Facilities.

Company Name // Posh Restoration Facilities

Entrepreneur // Christina Williams

What They Do  //  Provide all natural noninvasive treatment and solutions for hair loss, scalp and skin conditions

The Inspiration // After starting Posh Restoration Facilities in August 2015 to service clients with hair loss, Williams began to receive inquiries from the same clients about skin problems and conditions.

Williams had introduced natural ingredients to restore loss and bring balance to hair. She implemented the same approach to skin care.

The Differentiator  // PRF Restoration Facilities has a restoration bar that offers more than 100 natural-based ingredients, including powders and essential oils that help bring balance to the hair, scalp and skin. Specific formulas are created from the restoration bar ingredients to treat individual problems.

What’s Next? // Williams would like to develop systems that will allow her to expand the company’s reach through various distribution channels, online solutions and franchise development opportunities. She is also launching on-the-go solutions in Spring 2017 that will allow clients to purchase natural-based treatments for at-home use.

Visit or call (816) 541-5084 to find out more.