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March 2021, Product Development

Just Can’t Wait to Get Off the Road Again

For more than two decades, industrial design firm Infusion Design has grown accustomed to working on some of the largest projects out there, custom outfitting things like “super yachts” and 777 wide-body jets. Now Infusion is expanding into the opposite end of the spectrum with its latest offering, a compact sport trailer designed for off-roading adventure. Sean Elsner, owner and president of the Bonner Springs, Kan., company, said Infusion’s trailer…

March 2021, Digital Content, Marketing

Why Didn’t You Just Do It? You Never Asked.

After a week-long trial, a prosecutor makes a point to ask jurors for a guilty verdict during her closing argument. At the end of a speech in the closing days of a campaign, a well-known politician formally asks for your vote, even though he’s been in office for a decade. When a university foundation executive wraps up lunch with a wealthy alumni couple, she boldly makes her request for the…

March 2021, Marketing

The Henry Ford Innovation Paradox – Solved

How to Use Customer Research to Innovate “If I would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Henry Ford’s famous quote is one of our greatest lessons in innovation. (Although there is much doubt he ever said this, let’s not let that spoil our fun.) This famous quote surmises that we cannot “customer research” our way into innovation. Generally, I agree – if you approach…

March 2021, Web Design

Heartland Decks: From Zero to 1,200 Leads in Six Months

This is the story of a Kansas City business that went from struggling to find work to getting more business than it could handle. How does a traditional business in a crowded market achieve explosive growth in six months? They Started with SEO Google is a monopoly. If you know how Google analyzes and ranks content on the Internet and apply these principles to your website and marketing strategy, it…

March 2021, Tech

Feeling Disconnected? You’re Not Alone.

At my company, we are experts in helping organizations simplify their IT and communications experience and enabling people to work remotely. Yet we dealt with all of the same pressures and issues you have faced over the last year. And for many of us, the change is going to last beyond the lockdowns. How do we continue to collaborate and operate efficiently to serve our clients? How to ensure our…

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