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May 2021, Expert Advice, Human Resources

How Unconscious Bias Is Hurting Your Business

Unconscious bias, also called implicit bias, occurs when individuals make judgments about people based on certain characteristics without even realizing they are doing it. A recent study showed 64% of workers surveyed “felt they had experienced bias in their workplaces during the last year, and, of those, 61% felt they experienced bias in the workplace at least once a month.” Skin color, gender and age are generally what people think…

May 2021, Digital Content, Expert Advice, Marketing

Set Things in Motion

Put an iPad or other tablet in a child’s hands and — voila! Quiet contentment, sometimes for hours. There’s no mistaking the power of video to capture children’s imaginations. And if we’re honest, we know video has the ability to attract and hold our attention, too, especially considering the binge-watching phenomenon of the streaming age or just our old-fashioned love of movies and TV shows. It’s no wonder, then, that…

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Finding Business Success in Something Nobody Wants to Buy

Travis Burch and Carter Clond realize they sell something nobody really wants to spend money on when it comes to a home: new gutters. “Who thinks about gutters,” Burch asked. “It’s like the last thing on a home.” Yet when the two discovered a unique product offering in 2015, a lightbulb went off. They realized that, together, they had the right customer service and business background — combined with the…

May 2021, Expert Advice, Sales

Sales Answer Man: How Do You Nurture a Lead When the Prospect Is Not Ready to Buy?

Q: How do you nurture a lead along when the prospect is not ready to buy yet? What tips do you recommend? A: I really appreciate your using the word “nurture” in your question. One of the three most important words in professional selling is nurture, nurture, nurture! Most salespeople feel pressure to push, prod, convince and cajole their prospects into doing something. In essence, they transfer the pressure to…

May 2021, Expert Advice, Office Design

Design Thinking for Mental Resilience

It’s May! Did you know it’s also Mental Health Awareness Month? It’s exciting to see more and more employers embracing their role in supporting the health and wellness of their employees. I think everyone can agree that work/life balance is no longer a trendy buzzword or a “nice to have.” We have reached a tipping point. Companies that invest in the overall well-being of their team members will thrive, while…

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