Category: Accounting


Top Tips for a Healthy Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable (AR) department in any business can mean the difference between financial life and death. It may not seem that serious on the outset, but highly optimized AR departments can help any business improve their financial situation and make financial decisions with greater confidence; or, in contrast, an unsuccessful AR department can put you at risk of running in the red. The struggle with AR often lies in…


Hiring vs Outsourcing Your Accounting

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often wear many hats, especially when first starting a business. As the leader of a business, you have to be the brains and brawn of the entire operation, including human resources, customer service, inventory, production, quality control, sales and accounting. It’s a lot to juggle, and as your business grows, you will start to outsource to professionals or hire for many of these positions so…

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