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March 2021, Advertising, Branding

Has the pandemic affected your brand foundations?

(Spoiler alert: Yes) Evidence is mounting in all areas of life that the pandemic has forced long-term changes in our behavior. We work remotely, we shop online, we’re more focused on health and hygiene, we’re accustomed to at-home entertainment versus nights out — nearly all of these were on the rise already, but the shift has dramatically accelerated, and there are few signs that we’ll return to pre-pandemic “normal.” You…

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Women on the Brand Wagon

March 8 marks the start of International Women's Week, so we’re celebrating the women who have forged a path in the world of branding and advertising, those who cut through bias and have proved that through equality, we can achieve great things. There are many women out there who have advanced the field of marketing, and I salute them all wherever they are. I’ve chosen to celebrate these particular women…