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5 Holes That Could Sink Your Scaling Business

What sinks a small fishing boat isn’t always a gaping rupture in the side but a number of smaller, less obvious holes left unchecked. As single holes they have little impact, but combined it is more than the boat can handle to stay afloat.  For businesses trying to scale, a similar progression can occur when issues are left unaddressed, and the result on the business could be the same unfortunate…

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A Message from Your Future: 3 Business Priorities for 2017

Every year at the holidays, my family plays a game called “Yankee Swap.” In our version, inexpensive, useful gifts are wrapped identically. Each person is given a number, selects and unwraps a gift, or “steals” another player’s opened gift. This year, my gift was a 2017 planner titled “Plans for World Domination 2017.” Talk about Big Hairy Audacious Goals – this was probably not what Jim Collins had in mind…