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Sherman Titens

Family Ties Online: The Different Types of Family Business Owners

Note from Sherman Titens: In this column, guest contributor Joe Paul takes a look at a variety of motivations and behavioral types displayed by family business leaders. He addresses how their differences can affect the continued success and harmony of a family business.

Frank was excited about the potential of acquiring a competitor. He had prepared a great presentation to share with his company’s board about this opportunity. The two independent board members had arrived early, but his sister Karen was already 45 minutes late, as usual. He was managing his frustration with her pretty well as she arrived, and he could finally call the board meeting to order. (more…)

Family Ties Online: The Seven Truths of Family Business Success

Let’s say you have developed a plan for the future of your family-owned business. And let’s say that you have communicated the plan to members of the family. And let’s say that you now have long-range goals, measurable objectives, strategies and the road map to get there. Included will be the mission, vision and values of the organization and a way to assess success. (more…)

Family Ties Online: Succession, the Critical Decision

Succession is one of the most perplexing problems that the owners of a family business must face. “Don’t worry, someday the business will be yours” is not an unusual way that some handle the issue. But consideration must be given to whether there is a capable successor available or, if available, is the potential successor interested in taking that role? Or should the business be sold to employees, to a competitor or to a stranger? Is liquidation the better path to follow? (more…)

Family Ties Online: Expanding Your Family Business Library

In an earlier column, a thorough review of the founding family of the New York Times was presented. We follow now with four short descriptions of excellent building blocks for your family business library. Three of the books have withstood the years and remain timely today, and the fourth was published just a few years ago. They each belong on your bookshelf. The reviews were prepared by Renee Montoya Lado and Natalie McVeigh of Strategic Designs for Learning. They serve as the book reviewers for The Family Owned Business Network. Enjoy. (more…)


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