Past Issues

HEMP Mentor Maxims

Advice from Someone Who’s Walked in Your Shoes

Last fall, I had the privilege of facilitating a breakout session at a retreat for the Helzberg Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program. I thought I would excerpt some key advice from that session. I hope they hit home with you, too. These are common-sense principles that apply to all businesses. (more…)

5 Risks That Smart Entrepreneurs Avoid

Most entrepreneurs are risk takers. After all, they are the ones who start businesses fully understanding the long odds of making it go. They invest their savings along with borrowed funds from family and friends, believing they will pay it all back once the business gets going. (more…)

Confessions of an Introverted Entrepreneur

I have a confession to make: I am an introverted entrepreneur. It’s almost an oxymoron, right? Sort of like an albino tiger, introverted entrepreneurs have the potential to exist, and do, but they are extremely rare, and usually natural selection takes care of them sooner or later. (more…)


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