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Governor Greitens Announces New Innovation Task Force

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Gov. Eric Greitens has launched the Governor’s Innovation Task Force to assess the state of innovation in Missouri.

The bipartisan task force is also charged with analyzing best practices from other states and developing specific recommendations for what Missouri can do to promote innovation and new technology start-ups. Recommendations may include executive action, legislative or regulatory action, the best use of the state’s resources or other actions that foster innovation. The recommendations will help shape economic development priorities.

Administered under the Hawthorn Foundation, the task force will bring together private, nonprofit and public sector leaders from around Missouri to help improve Missouri’s competitiveness. As part of its work, the task force will engage innovators, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, scholars and others in workshops in St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia and Cape Girardeau throughout June and July.

The task force will complete its work by the end of August.

“Accelerating the growth of good paying jobs is critical to Missouri’s future. Missouri must find smart, efficient ways to support innovation, entrepreneurs and new technology start-ups,” said Greitens. While Missouri has emerged as a hub for innovation in the Midwest, more must be done if we are to remain competitive and reach Missouri’s full potential as a national leader. The work of the Governor’s Innovation Task Force will ensure that Missouri’s strategy is informed by the best minds from business, nonprofits and government.”