Zipper Bag hanger

Incurator Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Zipper Bag Hanger

Kitchen clutter is a common storage problem that Kansas City-based product development firm Incurator aims to solve with its Zipper Bag Hanger. The company is seeking crowdsourced funds through a Kickstarter campaign to refine the device and put it into production.

The Zipper Bag Hanger is a mounted bracket with six slots designed to save storage space and turn storing food into a simple process. The device has slots that hold medium- or large-sized plastic zipper storage bags containing food. The bags hang vertically to reduce clutter in the refrigerator. This storage option also allows users to conveniently see their food options and avoid overlooking food that may spoil and be wasted.

The Zipper Bag Hanger may also be mounted in cabinet, panties, or other areas to save storage space.