Issues: Vol. 23 Issue 3

Finance, Money

The Check Isn’t in the Mail

You might have heard the old adage that “fast pay makes fast friends.” As it happens, fast pay also makes for a stronger business. A company’s ability to access its cash quickly and efficiently creates a strong foundation for smoother daily operations and future growth. (more…)

Finance, Money

No Future for Weenies

Too many business owners have a difficult time getting paid for their work because they hate to ask for money—even if they’ve already earned it.       (more…)

Finance, Money

Four Big Ways Small Businesses Waste Money

You have to spend money to make money.” It’s a well-known saying, and there’s certainly truth to it. But it can be all too easy to let costs get out of hand. Very few entrepreneurs have cash to burn, yet many small businesses lose a lot of money to “waste” every quarter. Here are four things that experts say most small businesses waste their money on—and how you can avoid…

Entrepreneurial Journey, Personal Growth

Thelma and Louise Go to Chemo

My friend and I met through the National Association of Women Business Owners, where we both served on the same committee. Despite a 20-year age difference, we quickly became best pals. Both of us had similar family dynamics and the same quirky sense of humor. We had even started our companies the same year. (more…)