Issues: Vol. 27 Issue 1


Small Loans Present Big Opportunity

In the era of “Shark Tank,” venture capital has become the sexy option for boosting businesses. But for many small businesses, it’s not realistic—and it may not be the best option. (more…)

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Three Ways Your Library Can Boost Your Business in 2018

In the business community, we’re continually working toward goals—sales targets, customer satisfaction ratings, profit margins, etc. So when the New Year rolls around, nothing dramatically changes. We’re still striving to reach our perennial mile markers, and occasionally we’re closer to achieving them or to moving the bar a bit higher. For businesses looking for ways to move the needle even further this year, there is one resource that is often…

Made to Last, Success Stories

Where Quality is a Cornerstone

When McGonigle’s Market opened in 1951, it operated on what were then the outskirts of Kansas City. But Bill McGonigle—a World War II veteran turned enterprising food salesman—was already building an operation that would endure for decades. (more…)


Four Steps to a Harassment-Free Workplace

What started in July 2016 with Gretchen Carlson’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has snowballed over the last 18 months into hundreds of similar allegations against politicians, entertainers, media personalities and corporate executives. (more…)