Issues: Vol. 30 Issue 3

September 2021, Accounting, Expert Advice

Hire, Promote or Scale Back?

When a business is growing, it goes through a series of surges, plateaus and dips. During times of growth, it is essential to know how to scale your personnel. Some will focus on building their teams through new hires; others may promote existing talent to new positions; and sometimes the correct answer is to scale back on personnel.  Managing your greatest asset is a critical part of your business. Here…

Expert Advice, September 2021, Tech

Are You Prepared for Intelligent Customer Engagement?

We all know how important our customer experience is — and how hard it is to win new business and keep it. We all exist to efficiently solve problems for our customers and be easy to do business with. That has become even more complicated as customers want to engage with us across their contact method of choice: voice, text, chat, social, email and web. For decades, our business phone…

Expert Advice, Management, September 2021

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Right Software for Your Business

Finding the right software these days can be difficult, as many software companies have become better at marketing their products than building them. When you begin your search for a new software application, there are four basic categories to consider:  Custom application ERP/CRM implementation (enterprise resource planning/customer relationship management) Low-code platform Off-the-shelf software Each of these options comes with advantages and disadvantages from both technical and non-technical perspectives, with many…