Past Issues

Vol. 24 Issue 3

Tax Depreciation: Now Or Later?

Because Congress passed extended tax depreciation legislation in December, companies that put new equipment and certain other business property into service last year can take the available deductions and get welcome tax relief when they file 2014 taxes. (more…)

Networking for Meaningful Business Relationships

It happens all the time at networking events: someone asks a question that is awkward to answer. At one such event, I was standing in a semicircle getting acquainted with three other attendees. After I introduced myself, a person in the semicircle asked me, “What are the two biggest issues you face in your business?” Three sets of eyes fixed their gaze on me, waiting for my answer. (more…)

What’s REALLY at the End of the Tunnel?

When you’re running a business, it can be hard to be ready for everything that lies ahead. It’s like the old line about the “light at the end of the tunnel.” You have no way to tell if you’re about to find a pot of gold or … a freight train barreling down at you. (more…)


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