Past Issues

Vol. 24 Issue 6

Why MO Small Businesses Support Carbon Emission Standards

Missouri’s legislative session ended last month, and while there were many takeaways from this session, one thing is clear—debate over state implementation of carbon emissions standards isn’t going anywhere soon. Some claim that the EPA’s standards to reduce carbon pollution from power plants will hurt small businesses and middle-class Missourians. But what do small businesses really think about this issue? (more…)

Brand New Heirloom

Heirloom Bakery and Hearth moved into its new space just last month, but owners Scott and Kate Meinke had been dreaming of their own building ever since they came up with the concept for the business a few years ago. (more…)

How to Build Your Company’s Hiring Pipeline

Even small business owners who are excited about growing their companies find themselves dreading the hiring process. You probably need extra people to help your business expand, but how do you find employees who have the necessary skills and who believe in your company? (more…)

The Exemption Question

One of the best ways that employers can protect themselves from accusations of wage theft (and the associated liability) is to properly classify employees under the applicable wage and hour laws. (more…)

To Take Notes or Not to Take Notes

We’ve all been in meetings with people don’t feel the need to take notes. At first, you might be astonished by that person’s intelligence—what a champion of both long- and short-term memory! These feelings tend to diminish when, two days later, that person can’t remember what his or her assignment was or anything else that came up during the meeting. (more…)


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