Past Issues

Vol. 25 Issue 1

How to Make Effective Decisions

Often overlooked is the importance of effective decision making. Each day every organization collectively makes dozens, even hundreds of decisions. Each of these individual decisions can either push the organization further along the focused path of strategy or put the “Whac-A-Mole Management” game into play. How can organizations improve the consistency and alignment in decision making? By establishing decision criteria. (more…)

A Great Way to Keep Your Team on Target

One of the secrets to a successful small business is having employees who are aligned with what you’re doing, are engaged and enjoy working with you and your team. We’ve all experienced businesses where the employees are clearly just showing up for the paycheck and don’t care at all about what they’re doing—that’s a business on life support. It’s equally easy to see when employees genuinely like and believe in what they’re doing, and that makes all the difference. (more…)


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