KC’s FireBoard Labs Builds a Smarter Thermometer

The Internet of Things is getting a little bigger, thanks to Kansas City startup FireBoard Labs.

Ted Conrad and Steven Briggeman, the team behind Kansas City startup FireBoard Labs, have come up with a simple but powerful invention: a cloud-connected smart thermometer that you can check anywhere, anytime, with your smartphone.

It’s an easy-to-install device that monitors temperatures and sends notifications when units overheat or the power goes out. Its feature set and affordability could be ideal for restaurants, grocery stores or any business with walk-in refrigerators or freezers.

Fireboard Labs also sees significant potential as a consumer product, especially in the specialty cooking and barbecue market. But there’s a wide array of potential uses beyond that—from computer server rooms to pharmacies to transportation companies and beyond.

“Like many Internet-of-Things devices, we see potential to use it virtually everywhere, of course, but I think probably the No. 1 application we see is food safety and cold storage,” said Conrad.

Digital Sandbox KC recently agreed to provide funding support to help FireBoard Labs build some of the first-generation devices. The startup is currently putting the finishing touches on its proprietary software and is in the process of launching its online store.