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Marketplace for Drone Pilots Takes Off

Vol. 26 Issue 12

Post Categories: Big Starts, Success Stories

Find licensed drone pilots easily with Drones4Hire.

Company // Drones4Hire

Entrepreneur // Cory Mullins

What They Do // Drones4Hire connects licensed, insured FAA drone pilots to businesses and individuals via a proprietary online marketplace. “We provide clients a simple, quick platform to locate and hire top licensed drone pilots,” CEO Cory Mullins said.

The Inspiration // When the FAA began regulating commercial drone flights in August 2016, it mandated that all commercial drone pilots have a UAS remote pilot license. Via Drones4Hire, individuals and businesses have a go-to online platform for finding qualified pilots to deliver specialized drone services. “They can easily locate, hire and pay for drone services in one place,” said Mullins, a longtime aviation professional. “Furthermore, pilots now have a useful tool to showcase their work and expertise to help expand their business.”

What’s Next // Drones4Hire plans to expand from Missouri and Kansas to California, Florida and Chicago in 2018. The company is also adding new features to its platform and allowing pilots to promote new services, including virtual tours, 3D aerial models, underwater inspections and interior photos. Drones4Hire’s new enterprise portal will enable “large corporations to purchase custom solution packages while receiving their images and video files within 72 hours from the time of order placement.”

How to Contact //, (877) 577-1782